Photography and camera collections

It all started at a very early age, my father had always had an interest in photography, and the first camera I recollect was a Kodak Retina, sadly long gone. I had an inquisitive nature and if there was a camera about I would either be in front of it or behind it if Dad would let me.
Dad changed cameras a number of times and his objective was to own a Leica.

Along the way he had a Ried & Sigrist 3a, with Taylor Hobson f2 lens, the British equivalent of a Leica IIIf, which was an exceptional camera at the second hand price he bought it at the time, but it wasn’t a Leica and so it was traded up and finally a Leica IIIf red dial was obtained.

A digression on the Reid & Sigrist – this was manufactured by Reid and Sigrist after WW2 for the British armed services from detailed plans taken from Germany as part of the restitution imposed for starting WW2. In a similar manner to Bristol cars having BMW designs and equipment and BAC getting designs and equipment for Aero engines.

As spendable income improved in the following years a market emerged for luxury goods and Reid & Sigrist  marketed a number of models based on Leica II and III designs. Taylor Hobson produced the lens which was based on Leica’s Summicron design for Reid &Sigrist.

As I said, this camera was disposed of to further the purchase of a IIIf, but I wish he had kept the R&S as they are a lot more interesting than the equivalent Leica today due to their history and rarity.